The goal of a virtual playdate is connection.
































































Follow the Child

Encourage activities that the children get excited about and walk away from those that they aren’t interested in.

Keep it Simple

You don’t have to put a lot of effort into elaborate activities or a structured game unless the parents and the children find joy in it!

Practice/Dress Rehearsal

If you do plan a more structured activity, game, or performance for your playdate, take some time to make sure you have everything you need and that the children are comfortable with it and feel prepared.  Coordinate with the other household to make sure they are on the same page.

     Ideas for Virtual Playdates


Children can draw a portrait of each other then share their drawings.

How about a drawing challenge with prompts?  It’s fun to see the final outcome when everyone is given the same prompt.  The prompt can be as simple as “draw a flower,”  or can more involved such as draw a silly, colorful creature wearing a hat.  For more prompt ideas, click here.

Dress-up or fashion show

Free-for-all, themed, or they can take turns guessing what the other is dressed up as.

Dance party or dance-off

A dance party can be simple and spontaneous or can incorporate costumes and props.  Fun with friends, or family. A dance off with grandparents is sure to get some laughs!

Play musical instruments together

This does not require music, but if you want, it could be fun to put on some world music with a good beat.  If you don’t have real instruments or just to mix things up, you can get creative with non-traditional instruments like a pot and a bucket with a wooden spoon.


Come up with songs both children know and love.  Maybe traditional children’s songs or songs we sing in the classroom.  Call and response songs are also fun.


Kids love to show each other their stuff.  If they need help or to make it more efficient, you can ask them ahead of time to pick a limited number of items and ask them what is special about each item and where it came from.