Art in the Classroom

Message from Victoria

As you view your child’s artwork and that of others, please keep in mind that each child is unique and there is no one like him/her in this world. Their artwork should reflect that. 









Adirondak Peace Chairs • AUCTION ITEM

The students had so much fun collaborating on our contribution to the Play Space Wish List Auction.  “My mom never let me paint a chair before,” said one of our little painters with great excitement.

This sturdy, handmade set of Adirondack Chairs and table made out of pine was lovingly painted by the students in CH2 with child-like precision, hearts full of joy The chairs were hand made by Children’s House 2 educator Pam Arthur’s husband, David Arthur, and their friend, Gary Desimone. Dave painted the set white for us creating a blank canvas on which the children sponge-painted the colors of the rainbow and stenciled the word PEACE.       LINK TO AUCTION


Fall Wood Leaf Art

Water color on wood. In the fall we talked about why the leaves change colors and we made our own Fall leaves by sponge painting watercolors on wooden leaves. The twigs that hold the artwork up were hand selected from the waterfront.

Starry Night

3D fabric pant on canvas bags.  We have been studying the night sky and Vincent Van Gogh. We read a few books about Vincent Van Gogh including Vincent’s Colors. We took a closer look at Starry Night and made our own version of the painting using forks to help us with the texture.


Birch Tree Painting

Water color on paper. We did a unit study on trees, reading many books about them.   More recently we read winter themed books and one that stood out was Winter Trees by Carole Gerber. It focuses on the silhouette and characteristics of trees in the winter. We have also been studying the phases of the Moon and were inspired by When the Moon is Full by Penny Pollock. This artwork has many steps and took several days to complete. I think the children enjoyed taping the silhouettes and sprinkling the salt over the watercolors best.

Four Season Weaving

We were greatly inspired by, The Story Orchestra, Four Seasons in One Day, about Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. We listened to the music and sorted out Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall colored ribbons and yarns. We talked about and categorized warm and cool colors. CLICK HERE to enjoy our selected playlist of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons.