Meet Rose

Meet Rose


Joined NMS in 2018

Licensed Practical Nurse, Brazil

Certified Nursing Assistant for Rehabilitation Services in Nursing Homes

Early Childhood Credential Program, Northeast Montessori Institute

My inspiration to become a teacher was that I wanted to have a positive, inspiring impact on children’s lives. I just love how everything is so exciting to young children, and, you get to see the most mundane things, through their eyes. Finding a bug in the playground, making art with leaves, etc. I love the “Aha” moment when I child’s eyes light up because they understand something new or try something for the first time. I chose to teach in a Montessori environment, because it is known for individually paced learning and fostering independence, as well as encouraging empathy, a passion for social justice, and a joy in lifelong learning all of which are important to me.

I am very much family grounded, therefore, I LOVE spending time with my family and my friends. I have two step-daughters, and three wonderful step-grandchildren. I grew up spending lot time with my own grandma, who was very creative, and where I gathered lots of fun crafts and arts inspiration from. I now love painting, drawing, and pastels, because of her. I also enjoy spending time in my kitchen cooking, playing tennis, taking walks, traveling, and recently I discovered Pilates!