Meet Jeamy

Meet Jeamy


Joined NMS in 2021

Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education, Norwalk Community College
Currently Enrolled for full Montessori Certification, The Center for Guided Montessori Studies

Finding ways to spark children’s love of learning is my passion. My goal is to create a safe and nurturing environment where children feel loved and have the freedom to explore, learn, and grow. I am committed to providing a high-quality education tailored to each student’s needs, so they are able to bring out the best version of themselves. I have had a wonderful experience teaching at NMS and love the community. I have fallen in love with the Montessori philosophy, and it is an honor to be a part of helping children develop into confident, independent learners. I am fluent in Spanish and have some French, and I love to integrate my culture with the children every opportunity I can.

I live in Newbury with my husband, two children, and our two pets; a golden retriever named “Bella” and a Maine Coon named “Beast.” My hobbies include going to the beach, taking day trips, hosting friends and family, catching a Celtics game, and most importantly, spending quality time with my loved ones. Some fun facts about me are that I have 35 first cousins, and I have a unique way of spelling my name – “Jeamy” – pronounced Jaimie. I was born in Guatemala, and my mother loved the American name “Jaimie” but didn’t know how to phonetically spell it. She tried her best, and that’s how my unique spelling came about! Some things I can’t pass up are sushi, a spicy margarita, ice cream, lattes, and a cozy warm blanket! Many do not know, but one of my secret talents is having a keen eye for home design and decor!