Meet Donna

Meet Donna

Lead Educator

Joined NMS in 2003

Associated Degree, Science in Early Education, Northern Essex Community College

Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Studies/Early Childhood Education, with a focus on Sensory Processing Disorders, from Lesley University

Primary Certification, Northeast Montessori Institute

When completing observations as part of my degree program, I observed NMS, and felt a connection with the environment and methodology. I have stayed at NMS for so long because we foster the love of learning, independence, curiosity, and mindfulness in the children’s learning.
As educators, we can and will follow the child’s lead in learning. It is very important to me to be teaching in an environment where you meet and follow the children where they are. When a child feels safe and loved, the learning will begin and flourish. There is no greater enjoyment for me as an educator than hearing a child say proudly “I did it!” or “I love you!”

In my personal life outside of NMS I am a proud Nana who loves spending time with my granddaughter. My favorite activities to do with my granddaughter are baking, reading, and playing in the snow together. I enjoy camping and taking long walks on the beach during the summer months with my husband Ken. My favorite activity with my three adult children is training at the Shinobi Science Martial Arts.