Meet Chris

Meet Chris

Lead Educator

Joined NMS in 2019

BA in English Literature

Studied Montessori Education at NEMTEC

Certified to teach and coach Redirecting Children’s Behavior method

I feel it’s so important for children to believe that their participation matters in the world and makes a difference. Setting up a prepared environment in the Montessori classroom provides children an opportunity to see that their efforts have an effect on the materials as well on their relationships with others. This exposure and practice of effort yielding effect, guides the children to anticipate an outcome or to anticipate what comes next; and if they can anticipate, they can participate. As they grow they will carry that with them for future decision making and problem solving tasks, whether academic, personal or global. Newburyport Montessori School, with its city by the sea location is an inspiration unto itself. Here the children are exposed to such diverse and enchanting experiences, it makes for truly well rounded educational experience.

I love to travel and learn about other cultures and get their perspective on all aspects of life. I have many countries still on my bucket list. I also love hiking and walking the beach with our dog. Lastly, I’m intrigued by watches and clockmaking. I have quite the collection of watches and love to choose among them.