Meet Becky

Meet Becky

Lead Educator

Joined NMS in 2021

Bachelor of Arts in Physics and Astronomy

Montessori teaching certification in 6-9 and 3-6

I enjoy teaching many areas of the classroom, with my favorites being practical life and sensorial. I love watching the child make discoveries! It is so rewarding to teach a child how to use a material, then once they master that skill they can then use it to work on another skill set. I think practical life is a crucial area of development as a child learns the basic approach to problem solving from practical life skills.

I am a mother to two daughters (Cassiopeia and Callisto), three turtles and a goldfish. I enjoy gardening, walking along the beach, camping and hiking. A fun fact about me is that I was awarded the golden shovel award for shoveling through a snow 20 foot deep snow bank by hand!