Art in the Classroom


Extension of unit on South America.

Shades of People Wall Art - AUCTION ITEM

This piece was inspired by the book Shades of People by Shelley Rotner and Sheila Kelly. Shades of People introduces diversity in simplistic terms that can be more easily understood by younger children. Starting with a round wooden panel, together we painted the seven continents and added our handprints in different skin tones to represent the many shades of people around the world. 



Solar System

CH5 children are learning that the solar system consists of the sun and everything that orbits or travels around the sun.  Our project for this unit was to create Planets in a Jar. Using dry clay, we had our kiddos roll up each of the eight planets and paint each of them following the guide book on the planets and their colors.  They had a lot of fun making them!  With the teachers help to finalize the project, the planets were suspended from the jar lid to create a mini solar system in a jar.