Art in the Classroom

Individual Contributions

The individual pieces we made for the art show gave us a chance to try 4 different techniques.

Fall leaf prints using ink and a brayer.

Birch trees using tape, watercolor tempera paint and salt to create a cold winter night effect.

We recently looked at Mark Rothko’s work with color blocks which inspired our own color block style paintings.  We each chose 3 shades of watercolor paint to represent a feeling. 

Self portrait.   We chose two colors of tissue paper, placed the tissue on watercolor paper and painted over it with water. Once it dried, we lifted the tissue off the paper and drew ourselves using a mirror and permanent marker.

Working Together

This year, we have been inspired by each other and have explored many different techniques throughout our classroom.

Our group project was the paper maché Earth which we finished in time to display during our anual Peace Gathering.  We later added planets, stars, constellations, space ships that the children made using air dry clay, pipe cleaners and beads.

We also collaborated on painting a clay pot as our contribution to the Play Space Wish List auction.  The children chose three colors to represent the colors they mostly see when looking at the river from the waterfront.  They also used fingerprints to create what we see outdoors in nature.