Rebecca Barlow

Lead Educator

2nd year at NMS
Bachelor of Science, Physics & Astronomy Major, Mt. Holyoke College
Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, Mt. Holyoke College
Masters in Physics, University of New Hampshire, Expected completion: TBD
Montessori teaching certification in 6-9 and 3-6
Children’s House and Elementary Lead Educator,  Green Valley Montessori School
Children’s House Lead Educator, Southern New Hampshire Montessori
Brixham Montessori for early childhood, Mill Falls Upper Elementary

I like many areas of early childhood (practical life and sensorial especially), definitely love early abstraction (math- moving to golden beads, stamp game is my jam, and in lower elementary racks and tubes!), Language (favorite work is pre writing – metal insets.). Sensorial (sorting and matching works- making order of the chaos- great life lessons there). Practical life (scooping works leads to spooning then to measuring and then we cook!) Cultural (maps and early researching).

I love watching the child make discoveries. You teach them how to use a material and after they master that skill they can then use it to work on another skill set, but the sense that they learn the basic approach to solving any problem comes from practical life and layout there is so meaningful. They can organize any chaos in their world with the right tools given/provided by the environment.

I am a single mom to two daughters (Cassiopeia 12 and Callisto -6). Pre kids I got the golden shovel award for shoveling through a snow 20 foot deep snow bank by hand. More recently I like gardening, I take walks on the beach a lot, I have three turtles and a goldfish. I like ice cream and chocolate all year round. My favorite restaurant is Nu Kitchen because their honey goat cheese is amazing.  I like camping and hiking and love dragging kids with me.