2023 Summer Arts Program

The Summer Arts Program offers four 2-week sessions for Toddlers 15-32 months of age and Primary aged children from 2 years 9 months through 6 years old.  Each session is developed around a different theme and offers experiences in art, music, imaginative play, and outdoor activities.

• Full-day schedule, 9am – 3pm
• Half-day schedule, 9am – Noon
• Beforecare available 8 – 9am (Toddler Program Only)
• Aftercare available, 3 – 5pm, Mon – Thurs
• Friday Noon dismissal for all Primary programs

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Session 1

I’m a Farmer • June 20 –  30

Students will roll up their sleeves and dig deep into life on the farm! From crops to animals to farm machinery to workers–we’ll explore all aspects of what it takes to run a farm.  Through planting gardens, we’ll learn about fruits and vegetables, and we’ll have some special visitors–chickens, rabbits, and maybe even some goats!

Session 2

I’m an Artist  •  July 5 – 14

Students will take part in a journey where they’ll explore a variety of art forms – dancing, painting, music, theater, literature, photography, and more. They’ll meet amazing creatives from our community, get to visit a theater, attend a concert and hang out with a local author and illustrator. We will create our own art in diverse ways–whether it be painting, sculpting, dance, or photography–as we discover the beauty of our community through art. We provide all the materials; students just bring their creative spirit!

Session 3

I’m an Astronaut  •  July 17 – 28

Blast off!  Taking into the cosmos, students will get a glimpse of what the world beyond Earth holds:  stars planets, and the lifestyle of an astronaut.

Session 4

I’m a World Traveler  •  August  7 – 18  

Let’s get ready to go on an amazing adventure around the world! Our travels will bring us face-to-face with people from various continents, so we can explore their diverse cultures. We’ll learn about the land, their homes, cuisine, animals, apparel, music, and cultural customs. It’s sure to be an incredible experience!