Thursday, Friday Transition Class 

Children, between the ages of two years six months and three years of age, may begin their Newburyport Montessori education in the Transition Program.  Older toddlers are the youngest members of our school community. This classroom is lead by one Head Teacher and one Assistant Teacher. The goal of the Transition Program is to form a community for the purpose of supporting children in becoming independent and engaged learners. Each child is helped to make choices from an array of activities. Through exploration in a carefully prepared environment, focus and self-confidence grow. For example, a child may choose to scrub a table, read a book, help prepare the snack, or paint a picture. Each choice, every movement, builds on those that precede it. This offering is available in January. For more information please call (978) 462-7165






Annual Open House

Please come join us for our next Open House for prospective families on Thursday, April 16th between 9:30 a.m. and 11a.m.  For more information please call (978) 462-7165